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Individual classroom exercises from the Tools for Talking Taboos book can be downloaded by chapter from the dropdown menus below. 
[NOTE: The complete Tools for Talking Taboos book of exercises is too large to be downloaded  ~70Mb


CHAPTER 1. Gender
CHAPTER 2. Gender and Power
CHAPTER 3. Family Relationships
CHAPTER 4. Teen Dating and Relationships
CHAPTER 5. Sexual Health
CHAPTER 6. Popular Culture and Media
CHAPTER 7. Sexual Orientation
CHAPTER 8. HIV, Stigma, Risk and Violence
CHAPTER 9. Domestic Violence
CHAPTER 10. Sexual Offences



for downloading & printing for the classroom


The following set of five classroom posters address core topics in the Tools for Talking Taboos classroom exercises. You can use them as hand-outs to accompany related exercises or to facilitate discussion, or put them up in your classroom for easy reference. You can click on each image to download that specific poster.


Rape culture Sexual offences Signs of abuse
Slut shamed Violence against women