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  • Sexual and gender minority health in medical and nursing curricula
  • Contested terrain: Legal frameworks around adolescent sexual and reproductive health in five Southern African countries
  • Social Workers Interrupting Violence: A Study Focusing on Early Detection and Primary Prevention Responses to Domestic Violence by Social Workers
  • Prosecuting Sexual Violence: A Comparative Study of the UK and South Africa
  • Women’s Pathways to Prison: An Ethnography of Women in South African Prisons.
  • South Sudan Safety and Access to Justice Project.
  • Civil Society-led Summit Regarding the Implementation of Sexual Offences Legislation, Improved Access to Justice and Service Delivery for Survivors of Sexual Assault in South Africa.
  • Gender-based Violence Prevention in South African Schools.
  • Conflicting Laws on Sexual and Reproductive Rights for Teenagers in South Africa: Part II.
  • Monitoring the Sexual Offences Act: Part II (Developing a cellphone-based SAFE App for Rape Survivors).
  • Violence against Women with Intellectual and Psychosocial Disabilities II.
  • Piloting the SAFE CARD.
  • Access to Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for Rape Survivors.
  • Case Attrition in Domestic Violence Cases.
  • Domestic Violence Court Clerks and the Administration of Justice: Use of Discretion.
  • Monitoring of the Domestic Violence Act.
  • Monitoring of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Act.
  • A qualitative scoping study on violence against women and girls in three Ethiopian states (with the Centre for Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention).
  • Domestic Violence Act compliance survey monitoring compliance at 29 police stations in the Eastern Cape (with the Community Law Centre).
  • The development of national crime prevention indicators (with the Alliance for Crime Prevention).
  • Sexual and other forms of gender-based violence and HIV in KwaZulu-Natal: A facility-based cross-sectional study.
  • Rape Sentencing Project.
  • THE ARTICLE 5 INITIATIVE: Harassing African institutions for the prevention and combating of torture and other ill-treatment in 6 six African states- the development and implementation of operational guidelines.
  • A Cross-Sectional National Epidemiological Study on Child Sexual Abuse in South Africa.
  • The Clinical and Forensic Profile of Woman Referred to Evaluation to Forensic Mental Health Units in South Africa.
  • Three Country Study on the Socio-Economic Impact of Pre-Trial Detention: Mozambique, Zambia and Kenya.