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Michelle De Jong

Michelle has a background in psychology and is currently a PhD student at Rhodes University. Her thesis focuses on discourses of health and identity in the context of neoliberal capitalism and consumer culture. At the Gender Health and Justice Research Unit, she is assisting with a project considering the mental health and wellness of LGBTI rights activists in Southern Africa. Other research interests include violence and trauma, gender, climate change and subjectivity.




Ruth Eliot

Ruth’s interest in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention has centred on developing and delivering comprehensive, inclusive and sex-positive Sex and Relationships Education in schools and universities in the UK. In her time at the GHJRU she is developing skills in creating and delivering SRE effectively to a diverse range of people with different needs, skills and identities. Ruth is especially interested in where experiences of and ideas about consent, pleasure, sexual violence and gender intersect within specific cultural contexts, and how to best facilitate illuminating discussions about that intersection. She aims to broaden her experience in other areas of GBV prevention by partaking in and learning about sociological research and how it informs advocacy and survivor support.