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Phebe Kraanen

Phebe completed her BSc in medicine and is finishing her master's degree in Philosophy (Bioethics) in Amsterdam. At the Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit, she is completing a research internship as a start to her medical master's degree. Phebe is especially interested in forensic psychiatry and power-constructs. Having a thorough interest in people, she has worked with homeless and addicted people for a few years, and created decor for an art festival.




Adam Kirschner

Adam started interning with GHJRU in early 2017, while studying at the University of Cape Town through the Semester Study Abroad Programme. He is currently earning a dual Bachelors in Global Public Health and Media, Culture and Communications from New York University. In the US, Adam volunteers for the Rape, Abuse and Incest and the Crime Victims Treatment Center, and he is on the board of the Students for Sexual Respect at New York University.



Marie Lunau

Marie interns at the GHJRU as part of her masters degree programme in cultural sociology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is interested in how gender identities as well as sexualities are conceptualised, constructed and expressed. At the GHJRU, Marie is currently working on a research project which is investigating LGBTI mental health and wellbeing across 12 African countries. The project is employing a participatory and community-based needs assessment model that can be used as a framework for future research and advocacy work.