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Leanne Bailey

Leanne joined the GHJRU internship programme in early 2017, having already completed a Masters in International Law, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Her Masters research project evaluated the role of international law in addressing the global domestic violence epidemic, and considered South African domestic law as a comparative case study. At the Unit, Leanne will be working primarily on two projects. The first of these will be a systematic review of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act in South Africa. Alongside this, Leanne will be working with Aisling Heath in collaborating with Philisa Abafazi Bethu, a local NGO based in the Cape Flats working on projects to combat gender-based violence through mediation and education.



Taryn Husband

Taryn Husband is working on a PhD in International Development at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. Taryn’s research focuses on how gender equality efforts proceed in situations where legal equality exists – particularly in the context of transgender and gender variant persons. At the GHJRU, Taryn worked on the Improving Case Outcomes for Gender-Based Violence in Sexual Offences Courts (ICOP) project, specifically by compiling information about vulnerable groups (primarily LGBTI persons) and their access to justice and services.




Marie Lunau

Marie interns at the GHJRU as part of her masters degree programme in cultural sociology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is interested in how gender identities as well as sexualities are conceptualised, constructed and expressed. At the GHJRU, Marie is currently working on a research project which is investigating LGBTI mental health and wellbeing across 12 African countries. The project is employing a participatory and community-based needs assessment model that can be used as a framework for future research and advocacy work.